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At Miraflores Colón Hotel we take care of every detail



Our Restaurant


The best of Peruvian dishes in Miraflores

Enjoy luxury dishes in a restaurant that meets your needs. We have at your disposal a variety of dishes based on the delicious Peruvian cuisine in our restaurant attached to the Miraflores Colón Hotel.

7:30 am – 11:30 am | 12:00 pm – 4:00 pm
6:30 pm – 9:30 pm (última orden)

Kitchen room

Variedad gastronómica, cocina peruana.

Our Menu

A culinary experience that will last after your stay. An elegant and luxurious space that goes according to its guests, will accompany your gastronomic walk through all the flavors of our varied menu.

Especial of the month

Chicken Causa

Traditional Peruvian starter dish. Two potato tapas seasoned with salt and lemon top a combination of marinated chicken and avocado, garnished with olive, egg and avocado slices.


High standards in every dish

Our chefs work with the highest standards of culinary quality. Along with this, the health protocols are the most important thing for a perfect gastronomic experience, therefore, together with our kitchen team, we try to improve the protocols every day so that you can be sure that you consume the best quality of food.


Delight and Delicatessen

Enjoy delicious desserts, prepared based on the best quality ingredients with a concept based on Peruvian flavors.

We have national liquors available ready for tasting, as well as special preparations that adjust to the most demanding palates.

The experience in the restaurant of the Miraflores Colón Hotel recommends a special selection of national wines and piscos to accompany them with the best appetizers, all together ensures a pleasant experience to accompany your stay.

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