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Warmth of service and strategic location

Backed by 16 years of experience in hotel management, providing specialized attention to guests of different nationalities from around the world. The majestic Miraflores Colón Hotel building is located in the heart of the fabulous Miraflores district, a few steps from the renowned boardwalk, with panoramic views of the Lima coastline.
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Booking a stay at Miraflores Colón Hotel is to enjoy the warmth and attention you require to attend to your needs.

Corporate companies and guests highlight our quality of service. We have trained staff that will ensure the best experience for your stay at the Miraflores Colón Hotel.

Our 66 rooms are divided into the best alternatives that maintain the high standards of the industry and exceptional luxury features that are displayed throughout the Colón Hotel building.

The Miraflores Colón Hotel is located in a privileged area of ​​the Miraflores district, where you will find beautiful natural landscapes and cozy streets that will guide you to the best gastronomic and tourist experiences.

It is to breathe history, art and exclusivity

If you require a temporary stay without neglecting the exclusivity and the highest standards of luxuries in the industry, Miraflores Colón Hotel is the place to go, where you will have all the needs of your stay covered.

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Our blog

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